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Metal Connecting Shell (Auto parts)

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  • Metal Connecting Shell (Auto parts)

    Metal Connecting Shell (Auto parts)

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    PUBLISH: 2019-01-14 09:50:01

    UPDATE: 2019-01-15 19:57:30

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    MetalConnecting Shell (Auto parts)

    Service: Design, Die Casting, CNC Milling, De-burr, Polishing 180#, Sandblasting, Film coating, Inspection

    Materials: ADC12

    Q’ty:  1000 pcs

    The Project
    This is Project from a Well-known Auto Parts firm who asked us to help them to expedite the lead-time as their previous vendor failed the project. They approached us as they do believe that we are more professional and reliable.

    The Product
    This is the metal shell for connector which is very important to be assembled to a high-end Auto part from their Top Priority Project.

    The Product Developers

    Nick Faldo is a Design Team Leader of LXG Firm, He is an expert in Auto Parts design and worked for many big project during his design life. He is friendly people passionate about Design. 

    Design for Manufacturing Review

    When working with Nick Faldo, the following areas were discussed:

    #1 Design For Manufacturing Recommendation

    #2 Design For Manufacturing Recommendation

    #3 Design For Manufacturing Recommendation

    Project Process Flow:

    1. Material Inspection

    2. Die-Casting



    3. CNC Milling


     4. De-burring


    5. Polishing by 180# sand paper


    6. Sand Blasting

    7. Film Coating Cleaning


    8. Final Inspection by 3D Measurement  


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